Saturday, May 2, 2009

Motorcycles And Freedom

As children we are bombarded with messages from adults which usually have little or nothing to do with nurturing our talents and and individuality. On the contrary, they often relate to molding our ideas and influencing our behavior in ways thought beneficial and acceptable to artificial constructs called corporations, society, the nation, the church etc. Happiness is not regarded as a proper purpose or end. Worse yet, mindless consumerism is offered as a perverse substitute. Curiosity and the willingness or ability to question popular tenets and beliefs are stifled early on. Few are able to break free.

For those who have broken free or would like to break free I suggest buying a motorcycle and seeing much of the country as possible. Few better ways exist to clear useless cobwebs from the gray matter. If you think that $20,000 is an appropriate purchase price and official Harley or BMW apparel are fashion necessities I suggest not bookmarking this blog.

Feel the wind in your face, smell the countryside, sleep under brides, get sunburned and soaked by rain and talk to people who you meet along the way. If possible, pack a camera equipped with a sharp lens, preferably a short telephoto. Remember to always ride defensively. Freeways are usually the safest roads to travel because one is separated from oncoming traffic and inattentive or drunk drivers are not able to suddenly pull out in front of you as they sometimes do on side streets and rural back roads. Life should be about exploring, learning and having as much fun as possible.

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