Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still For No Apparent Reason

For the last two decades or so I have droned on to virtually every person who I have met with the slightest interest in film that a movie based upon the acclaimed 1951 science fiction classic The Day The Earth Stood Still starring Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal would be a worthy endeavor and a likely box office success. Unfortunately, my wish came partly true. The new version is a frustrating disapppointment primarily due to to poor directing, mediocre acting, unbelievably terrible writing and incoherent sequences. That it could have gone so wrong with highly talented Kathy Bates, gorgeous Jennifer Connelly and perfectly cast Keanu Reeves in lead roles is truly unfortunate. The earth did "stand still" at the tail end of the movie with a universal electrical outage but is an entirely pointless act. In the 1951 version Kleatu (Michael Rennie) needed to catch mankind's attention in order to deliver a dire warning regarding the dangers of positioning atomic or nuclear weapons in outer space. In the new version the earth stands still after Reeves has given up on delivering any public message or warning to world leaders or the MSM.

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